About Finnish Education

Finland’s education system is internationally acclaimed for its impressive track record in producing high-ranking student performance while nurturing well-being for individuals and communities. The Finnish education system from Finland is widely regarded around the world as the best and foremost education system since the publication of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) assessment rankings.

Everything in FIS’s ecosystem revolves around wellbeing, true to Finland’s education ethos. When wellbeing is nurtured, students and adults alike in this high-performing learning community flourish.

What do we believe in?

The central objective of Finnish Curriculum is to provide all citizens with equal opportunities. Early childhood is a phase of intense development and learning. The mission is to promote children’s holistic growth, development and learning in collaboration with their guardians. Understanding the importance and pedagogical possibilities of play for the child in the promotion of wellbeing and learning is essential.

ECEC To Grade 12 :

  • At FIS, we follow the Finnish National Core Curriculum with local adaptations and additional subject content in line with Indian standards, and options to pursue other international curricula. The curriculum cultivates the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in standardised final exams, which provide eligibility for students to apply for higher education institutions across the globe. The school offers dual matriculation; i.e. the Grade 9 students will appear for the Finnish Board Exam, and students of Grade 10 will appear for the Cambridge Board Exam.
  • The students of grade 11 & 12 will be offered an IBDP Program.
  • The school’s curriculum is built on meaningful themes deeply rooted in the local context, cultivating the skills essential to 21st century living. The rapidly changing world demands students to have the ability to anticipate future challenges as well as to be equipped with the diverse skills needed to respond to them.
  • At FIS, teaching and learning emphasise the cultivation of these all-important 21st century skills.

Subjects :

  • English language and literature 3
  • Hindi / Marathi / foreign language (A1 – level)
  • Foreign language (B1-level) Third Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science (grades 1-6)
  • Biology (grades 7-9)
  • Geography (grades 7-9)
  • Physics (grades 7-9)
  • Chemistry (grades 7-9)
  • Guidance counselling
  • World History (grades 4-9)
  • Social studies
  • Ethics
  • Music
  • Visual arts
  • Crafts
  • Physical education
  • Home Economics